Glenn Strange


Magician Glenn Strange

Yes, "Strange" is his name ... his real name. Once upon a time, many years ago, in a nearby county, Glenn found a magic shop. Forty eight hours later, he had business cards, and was dangerous. He had discovered a tool (magic) that had given him a reason to be funny in public. Up until that time he had only been funny for friends, family, and coworkers, behind closed doors. He started out by performing for kid's birthday parties.... or anyone else that would stand still for two or more minutes. Today, Glenn's funny business specializes in providing quality entertaining and meaningful programs for corporations, churches, and associations all over the United States.

Glenn Strange is MUCH MORE than a magician. His programs contain comedy, magic, recorded music, humorous stories, and just the right amount of audience interaction. Glenn's clients are amazed as how he transforms his audiences from high energy hilarious laughter to being attentive and receptive to a sincere uplifting message. Glenn's worked years developing and honing his one-of-a-kind style that's guaranteed to generate huge laughs and never embarrass or make fun of anyone.

People love experiencing real time situation comedy routines. They eagerly volunteer to be treated like the stars of the program, and their unrehearsed spontaneous comments and actions determine the comedy avenue Glenn takes them down. Every program is different, because each program is unique to the audience. Glenn makes sure each attendee has a great fun time laughing, forgets their everyday problems, and returns home with fun memories. Unlike a standard magic show, that ends with a, "Wow, how did-he-do-that?", Glenn's programs are built around a purpose, and close with a heartfelt inspiring meaningful message, that touches people's emotions, and makes a difference in their personal and professional lives.